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What is a Content Creator Anyway?

  What is a content creator? Great question. If you have never worked with one before, it's also a question that certainly deserves an answer. A content creator is responsible for the contribution of information and creation of copy for both offline (traditional) media and most especially to digital media. A content creator can be tasked with bringing any of the following to life: Blog posts - both short and long form Email newsletters Social media update copy (one of my favourites!) Video scripts eBooks White papers, slide decks, corporate presentations ...and more!   And why would you need a content creator? There are many reasons, but here is a look of what I consider to be the four most compelling.   Good Content Should Be at the Heart of Your Brand A major component of your brand is, of course, your web design, images, fonts and colours. But what makes people take action is content. Think of visual marketing as a first impression and of the impression that lasts as content ma