About Melanie

 UK Born, US Based Content Creator


It's fair to say I am not your average freelance writer, web developer and content creator. I work in many niches, but maintain a set of standards across all of them.

I will not rewrite, repurpose, spin or 'paraphrase'. So, if that is what someone is looking for, I'm not the right choice. If however you are looking for original literate, compelling content created with care, I certainly am. 

Have I done it all? Maybe. I blog and create web copy I create WordPress sites, manage social media accounts and strategies, execute 'traditional' PR, design and manage Shopify and other e-commerce sites, provide Google Analytics training and management, serve as an editor across a wide range of niches and more. 

I work with professional athletes, musicians, corporations, entrepreneurs, established businesses and individuals. And I look forward to working with you.


On a personal level I was born, raised and educated in Wolverhampton, England and now live in the Electric City, Scranton, PA.