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Remember the dial-up days when a 56k modem was cutting-edge? That's when I first dipped my toes into the content creation pool, weaving words into articles before YouTube even existed! Fast-forward to today, and I'm still here, surfing the ever-evolving content waves, crafting engaging stories that resonate with readers and fuel social media firestorms.

Think complex topics need to be dry as a desert scroll? Not on my watch! I'm a master of making the intricate clear, the dense digestible, and the dull downright delightful. And yes, SEO is my secret language, ensuring your content finds its rightful audience amidst the digital din.

But wait, there's more! I'm not just a wordsmith, I'm a social media maestro too. For over a decade, I've been the silent puppet master behind countless brand campaigns, conjuring up engaging posts, crafting viral tweets, and keeping communities buzzing.

Ghostwriting is my bread and butter, and NDAs are my best friend. But sometimes, I get to break free from the shadows and showcase my work with the blessings of my clients. Check out some of those below. Contact me to see more.

Team Pinto

A thrice weekly blog for two of Ontario's top producing Realtors. #1 in Google for many of their target keywords and enjoy an active and substantial regular blog readership. Also, the creation and management of social media and scripting for YouTube presences for the brand.

See Blog See Videos See Social Media 

Just Organized by Taya 

I am the blog creator and social media manager for one of Houston's most successful professional organization companies. 

See the blog  See Social Media 

Tall Moi

Site creation, maintenance and copywriting for unique clothing brand. Includes Shopify maintenance and social media.

See site. See social media 


I am the blog creator, social media manager and PR assistant for a succesful Ontario CPA firm 

See the site.

Pearl Lemon Group

In a role as Head of Content for an award-winning UK based digital marketing group I produce both client content and contribute to their well-read, informative blogs across the many brands the group encompasses.

See site

New Mercies  

Social media manager for large Atlanta area church. 

See site  

NEPA Tattoo Expo

Social media coordinator for large regional tattoo convention. See social media 


Staff writer for popular dog parent information site. 

See site 

My Books 

In addition to publishing an entertaining - but challenging - series of Harry Potter trivia quiz books that have been purchased more than 5,000 times (and counting) by Potter fans all over the world I have also published several recipe books.  

See the books



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