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The Best Spam WordPress Comment EVER



Spam WordPress comment come with the territory, especially for a successful blog. Once upon a time these spam comments helped those who left them (once upon a time being about 15 years ago) but now sensible blog owners moderate and hold these comments, so they have little purpose. 

Most spam comments are a simple string of linked URLs, or, if a spammer is trying to be clever, a very generic "Nice read, mate!" Not that genuine blog commenting cannot still be good for SEO, it can, but in the age of social media most WordPress comments are little more than varying levels of spam. 

Recently, when doing an audit of the spam comments caught by the Askimet plugin on a client's real estate site I came across a spam comment that, before it was consigned to the trash forever, deserved to see the light of day, just because it was so weird. And ridiculously long. So, I give you what is apparently the story of Steven. And the Romans. And Patton. Crazy, as I said: 

Because the image can't do it justice, here's the text in full (minus the bad links) 

snowfall day on to Tumblr

But now that that burden also has been put utilizing shoulders many people sorta atone for all the concept outs they missed out on at the time Steven used to be younger, aside from these businesses haven largely been in melody exactly how smaller breakthroughs Steven has gone through the past decades. which as gem stones that thousands to yoa, they even teach still need a small amount of trouble with the police knowing how that we reformat constantly, rather diamonds associated with quite stay the companies entire process existing. The treasures continues to in the process of focusing on how we make a decision to interact socially mainly because they grow old. which it which they have on keep this one picture of Steven, but rather endure the guy as is additionally great which special for which you don specifically may have to depart stuff you treasured at the time you were a young adult enjoying themselves doesn would suggest you might be forfeiting your company title as an adolescent grown-up who has functions. as spending time to chill out as a whole shouldn remain visible as either one.Steven denies the companies deals because they’re demonstrating the pup using information he makes idiotic, yet doesn undoubtedly represent nearly every treatments by the way hangover remedy,hangover remedy paint brushes customers off. which probably exits an jewels kind of confused on the besides test. their basically only duration involved with a blueprint is all the stuff vibrant Steven wanted. it’s true, Steven will continue to expand released from a number of outings, it’s just that since he don’t forget to much full to spend time with the jewels the simple way agent likely to know those things he is doing taking part in undertaking, ya remember? that they gotta make the effort in support of themself!i am hoping the guy reaches any time chill out somehow.i absolutely cherished the instance!excellent skiing conditions Day (rehabilitation III)abstract: each and every year, the edges head out to Roman’s region combined with pay back a few days experiencing the ideal. Wellmost of the edges. some 3/3other Iended up IIThe avoiding the man.Virgil just didn’t recognize right this moment, Because xmas season purchased all those meals working out overtime, And over the years, he previously reached definitely always literally dismissed.nonetheless,however it things have been completely not the same as a result of was not top like common sense gadgets, as much as instead of at the start. delicate looks although concept he weren’t attending to (He was most without exception focus he am not able to help it), private conversations why completed the situation he followed to qualify for the room, lame standard excuses to leave initially online video media early evenings maybe subsequently after dinners out. Logan will clear away the size of his tonsils and enquire of if Patton undoubtedly view serving the child with’that minimal business,’ afterward Roman is going to get going via a flight and as a consequence express he previously make it easier for significantly. Patton may enroll some other two for helping jacob thoroughly clean our home as well retract laundry washing; Roman ought to ask on their reviews on an’impressivegoing condition.or,–(They directed Virgil log each time he instructed whenever they essential the puppy’s better, to boot. After the first few occasions when, he still ceased saying to.)Once she established it had become taking, it was not terribly hard to figure out why.environments dayrandom snippets ficsOh no. these are both cool but tragic.Do everyone find that 14yo Steven might were to be given an adjustable rate mortgage including a business center for the option like that? To hold off with his gem stone as well as will goofy, your, truly spiritual involved matters?also Steven is not that Steven from now on. or even she spent my childhood years. the guy came obligated to finally invested, hangover remedy,hangover remedy endured since. that they made, All too quickly, that these gem stones obligated support and / or tips. you already, a company equipped with actual good judgment that is going to carry distinct braincells together with each other. So you grew to becomte that price? considerable. HE kept often the universe, or maybe even an market. expense? manner for you main.Steven missing in action the very best of the mans younger generation. convinced, He remains to be young and goofy instances, so when a number of scenes, this situation seems like a fakeness. really like he is hoping to be thankful but then brand-new areas such as enormous numbers of responsabilities which experts state you should never generally stop piling up. then thats absolutely not other.


1/10 for content quality, but 10/10 for spammer effort! 



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